About Kemah Holdings

In 1999 the founders of Kemah Holdings, LLC, gathered most of their life savings and took a risk on purchasing an undeveloped tract of land in a sleepy coastal town  named Kemah, Texas.  They had picked out a 7 acre tract on a two lane road known as Anders Lane. The land was beautiful, had a fantastic well and was out in the country so to speak.   The owner of the land offered to owner finance her land and after some sleepless nights, the founders gathered up every penny they had for a down payment and made a deal with the property owner to pay her $1,000 a month until they could qualify for a bank loan to build what they believed would be their new home on the 7 acre tract. 

While they deliberated the future of their 7 acre tract for a home site, a business venture came their way and instead of immediately building a home on the property, the founders decided to erect a metal building to house the new business venture that had begun. A permit was secured to build their first 3,000 square foot building at the City of  Kemah by turning in a $25 permit fee and getting a firm hand shake from then building official, Frank Jones, who warmly welcomed them to Kemah and expressed their gratitude for the willingness to invest in Kemah's future.  As time passed, a local real estate broker contacted the founders and asked if they would be willing to add onto their existing building and rent out the space to one of his clients.   The founders had been involved in construction for their entire life and had built everything from homes to industrial space so the development of the first property acting as the general contractor was a natural fit.  After much begging and pleading with local banks, a loan was secured and the building was expanded to house their first tenant. Once the first tenant was moved in and time passed, more businesses began making contact looking for office warehouse space to lease and it became readily apparent that there was something to this development and leasing business.  From then on expansions of the property continued and before the dust settled 25,000 square feet of office warehouse had been constructed and leased up.  This particular property was eventually sold to a group of investors, but plans were already under way to secure additional land in the  Kemah area to start the process all over again.

As the saying goes "the rest is history" and Kemah Holdings, LLC was eventually founded in 2004 with the sole purpose of acquiring and developing commercial real estate.  Since that time, loans have gotten easier, construction has gotten more expensive and people have become  more demanding with needs, but the one thing that has remained constant is that Kemah Holdings, LLC continues to expand, invest and develop in the community it calls home.  Presently, Kemah Holdings LLC owns, leases and manages multiple office warehouse properties, and new projects are under construction in the Clear Lake area.  Additionally, future projects are planned and pending in League City, La Marque, Sugar Land and the Austin area.